For students considering a graphic design career

We sometimes get questions from folks asking what its like to work as a graphic designer.

For students considering a graphic design career

Here are answers to some common questions:

Q: Why did you choose to do graphic design?

A: I did a lot of drawing in school and was looking for a practical career I could get into to use those skills. I chose making  ‘design’ over making ‘art’ because design was more about helping people.

Q: What do you do in the typical workday?

A: These days, my day is broken up into meeting with my team, emails to clients, reviewing my team’s work, some web related work, and some actual design work. For a designer on my team, it is similar but with more hours spent designing projects.

Q: How long have you been doing graphic design?
A: For my own company, since 1994.
Q: What is your favourite part of graphic design?
A: When my design work makes a big difference for my client. Also when a design comes together, and looks really good 🙂
Q: What is your least favourite part of graphic design?
A: When I experience ‘bad client behaviour’. That’s when a client doesn’t listen to my advice, or behaves erratically, or completely ghosts me, or doesn’t pay their bill.
Q: What advice would you give me right now knowing that I am interested in your career?
A: Follow what interests you. Graphic design is a huge field, where you can combine a variety of interests into your career. Some designers do design + illustration. Others do design + website design. Some just design book covers. Some just work on video games.
Q: What training/education did you need to become a graphic design artist?

A: In high school I took art classes where we did a lot of drawing, as well as visual communication classes where we did photography and silkscreening. After that I got a four year degree from the University of Alberta in Fine Arts where I took a lot of graphic design courses.

I recommend getting a four year degree or diploma, but there are many designers who have been successful taking two or three year programs. For you right now in grade 8 – keep drawing and look for opportunities to develop your skills. Design your next powerpoint presentation. Design a birthday card. Build a website. Design and program a game. Experiment with graphic design software.

There is national organization of graphic designers in Canada, and it has a few more resources: 

Good luck!

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