Brochure Design

Advertise your business, event or campaign with professional brochure design

Advertising your business and services can be done effectively through brochure design, pamphlets and flyers. Kyle Loranger Design is an Edmonton graphic designer that creates professional brochures, pamphlets, flyers and various other print advertising materials to reach new customers.

Brochure templates and sizes

Kyle Loranger Design offers brochure design services for small to medium businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations, municipalities, tourism, industrial businesses, retail, healthcare and government agencies. 

We design standard brochure sizes including: tri-fold brochures, half-fold brochures, 4-panel fold, accordion fold and roll fold. We also design larger format brochures such as 5.5×8.5 and 8.5×14, or  larger, custom sizes with multiple pages. Brochures, pamphlets and flyers can be single-sided, double sided or even in a booklet format. Depending on your budget, we are happy to talk to you about your needs!

Create your entire company look

If your business needs a professional and polished look for your marketing and sales materials, Kyle Loranger Design can help you with creating the entire brochure, from writing, design and managing printing. If you do not yet have a logo, photos or graphical elements, we can help you design your corporate identity and create overall look to create and enhance your professional corporate brand.

Tri Fold Brochure
Milron 9 Service Body Brochure
One Sheet, Info Sheet, Line Card
Info sheet

Brochure Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a brochure cost to design?

There are a number of factors that come in to play in developing a project price for a brochure. Is there a corporate style, or does one need to be created? How many pages will the document be? Who is supplying the text? Will it be delivered to us all at once ready for layout, or is there a fair bit of organizing and editing needed? Are there complex charts or infographics required? With an initial meeting, we can find out the scope of the project and get you a detailed estimate. 

What are standard brochure sizes?

Often we get clients asking for a standard rack brochure, which is an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet folded into 3 panels. That is great for retail or small service brochures. 

But when it comes to marketing a business to business service, a bigger format is usually needed. Here are some additional formats: 

Letter-size one-sheet. These are great for when you need a bit more space to talk about your service. These can be one-side or two, often using the back for detailed specifications. Several of these sheets can be dropped into a 9″x12″ folder along with a custom proposal. 

8.5 x 11 multi-page brochures. These are a popular format because they are easy to print in small quantities, and can fit into a pocket folder with other material. A small brochure with 4 to 16 pages is a good way to show your company’s capabilities, and have plenty of room to for large photos, or product details. Less is more in these projects – if you want to make an impact on your client in a sales meeting, keep the text brief, and images large.  

Larger multi-fold brochures. Who needs pages? If you have only a few things to say in a sales presentation, a multifold brochure with 3 or 4 panels can get your point across quickly. 

What material do you need to start a brochure project?

Some clients come to KLD with all of their material written and ready for layout. From a design cost perspective – this is the most efficient way. Other clients often need help with to plan and write the content, research stock images, or design illustrations. Every client’s situation is different. Here are the main things to consider: 

  • Content: Will you provide it, or do you need help to write it?
  • Images: Do you have professional images, or do you need help researching stock images?
  • Printing: Will you handle the printing, or would you like us to help arrange it with one of our local suppliers? 

Brochure design process

The design process starts with defining the purpose and audience of the brochure, and where it will be distributed. Next, the brochure is written to provide useful content to that audience, and images gathered or photographed. 

A general sales brochure will typically present the main services and products of the company, leaving any pricing and details to a website. 
Once the content is approved, it can then be passed over to designers to develop the overall design and create a first draft. With a few sets of revisions, the brochure is usually approved and sent to the print supplier for printing. 
Multipage Booklet