Industrial Logos

At KLD we design custom industrial logos for large and small companies across many industry sectors

Our clients at KLD have included companies that provide everything from animal mitigation equipment for power lines, to sandblasting services, to heavy equipment, to parts for irrigation pumps.  

An ‘industrial’ company typically sells strictly business to business in with very specific product and service offerings. A company like this needs a professional face to establish credibility with new and existing customers, and distinguish them from other companies in the same industry space.

Most new business for these kinds of clients comes from existing industry contacts, bidding on RFPs or industry tradeshows.

Industrial logo design process

A KLD when we are engaged to develop a logo, we meet with the decision makers, discover their style preferences, develop concepts and revise until we have an approved final logo design that is ready to be applied. The process typically takes three to four weeks.

A key part of our process is discovering our clients’ preferences early on. We want to know what styles, colours and content are preferred at the beginning of the project, so we can make sure we deliver logo concepts that are on the mark.

Logos for industrial start up companies

As a startup company, you need a logo to present as the face of the company. A professional mark will go a long way towards making your new business seem organized and prepared to deliver high quality products and services. Often a good logo will leave the impression of the company being much larger than it is.

We can design a new logo for you that will give you credibility as you come out of the gate. As you invest into advertising your company with signage, vehicle decals, website, promo gifts, clothing, etc –  a solid professional logo will keep your look consistent and reliable.

Logos for established industrial companies

When it comes time for an established company to rebrand, there is often a driving factor that is pushing the change:

  • The company is changing ownership, or there is a major leadership change
  • The company is moving into new facility and there will be new signage
  • The company has hit a major milestone, and its time to revitalize the brand

Industrial logo design samples