Annual Report Design

Annual report design requires keen eyes and working for deadlines

Annual report design is a unique kind of project – often written, designed and produced under tight timelines. With content arriving at the last minute, it takes an experienced team with streamlined processes to keep annual report projects on track. Kyle Loranger Design works with clients across Canada to design their annual reports and business communications documents.

We design annual reports that are visually compelling in print and digital formats. If you are interested in taking your annual report online, we can do that too. 


Accuracy and quick turnarounds

Kyle Loranger Design has designed annual reports for numerous organizations in Edmonton, Alberta, Western Canada and beyond. We are happy to show you samples of our annual report design work to help inspire you for your upcoming project.

When you are the communications professional in charge of your organization’s annual report, working with a qualified graphic design team makes for more accurate and consistent proofs – saving you precious time and costs. Planning ahead for your annual report means there are many things to think about. Where will your written content come from? Should you use stock or custom photography? Will you get it printed and how many do you need? We can help you manage all of these details!


Turn your annual report into a mini-website

So much is online these days, including annual reports! We can create an online version of your annual report that your stakeholders can click through and browse on their devices.

Better than a pdf, an online annual report can have interactive animations, infographics and more to highlight your organizations accomplishments in the past year. 

We can arrange to get a unique domain name and website hosting. Over time, your reports can continue to be hosted, and you can build an online archive of your annuals. 


Common annual report questions

When we start talking with a client about an annual report project, we start with some basic questions:

  • Are there previous annual reports we can review?
  • Do you have all your content ready? If not, what stage is your content at?
  • What is the main purpose of the Annual Report? Is this AR used as a tool to show off the organization?
  • What are your deadlines? Is there an annual meeting the report will be presented at?
  • Will the report be printed, distributed as PDF, or as webpage?

Frequently asked questions about annual reports

Do I have to print my annual report?

No, you do not have to print your annual report. It really depends on what your stakeholders expect. Many organizations are moving toward going paperless, and the annual reports can be designed and published in PDF format, or as mini-websites.

What information is in an annual report?

An annual report is a comprehensive document that reports on what an organization has achieved in the previous year. Annual reports include an introduction of the company, mission statement, brief history and personal message from CEO or board director. There is a financial section that can include current stock prices if applicable, historical financial information and current income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. 

Companies that only have to report basic financial information may wish to dedicate a large portion of the annual report to reporting on and generating goodwill. Discussions and photos showing the organization’s involvement in community initiatives may be used throughout the annual report.