Custom Animated Video Company in Edmonton

Custom animated videos and explainers

At KLD we can write and design completely custom animated videos that will connect and engage your audience – whether online, in person, or on social media. 

Simple animations can be an effective way to share or explain complex ideas in a meaningful way that your audience will absorb and remember. 

Having your animation custom designed gives you all the freedom to match your branding and message, and not get trapped into online video templates. 

Professional voiceover for animated video 

Along with motion design, we also provide professional voice over services (from a wide choice of talent), and royalty free music. Having a real voice actor read your material makes a huge difference in how your video keeps an audience’s attention.

Videos can be delivered in a variety of file formats, for sharing on social media or on your conference platform. 

How to get started with animated video?

For a short video, we recommend you start by building a script of what you need to say. 

In a Word file, create a table with two columns: one for the text the voice over is speaking, and one for what suggested visuals should appear on screen. This will give us enough detail to start a discussion and build an estimate.

Review similar video samples

What style of animated video do you have in mind? There are many styles to choose from to tell your story. Finding other 2d flat style video samples will help give you ideas on the overall illustration style and how to transition from scene to scene. 

Storyboarding video

Once we have the script confirmed, we’ll start storyboarding the video, turning the words into visuals. 

This is the stage where we start getting specific on exactly what visuals will be used – whether they are royalty free images we research, or custom illustrations. And we will decide on the overall look of the video for colours, type, and imagery. 

Directing the animated video 

Once we have the visuals established, we’ll need to make a plan on how and when elements appear (and disappear) on screen, how they move, and how they coordinate with the voiceover. 

And there are decisions on how the whole video is paced (fast and snappy? slow and relaxed?)

Delivering final video files

As production goes on, we will send you draft mp4 files to review by email or by the file service wetransfer.  

We can always meet over Zoom or Teams to review the video, make notes, and get your suggestions. 

How is animated video priced? 

We will develop an estimate for you based on the length of the video, the source of the visuals and complexity of motion. Adding professional voiceover and music can also be factored in. 

1:30 video explaining the value of debt financing for the City of St Albert 

2 minute patient video explaining cardiovascular disease for Alberta Health

2 minute patient video explaining cardiovascular disease risk screening for Alberta Health

2 minute patient video explaining cardiovascular disease risk scores for Alberta Health

Video intro for online conference platform. 

Animated video sharing survey results with members, with professional voiceover. 

Animated explainer video celebrating a milestone with members, with professional voiceover.