Great Logo Designs for Companies with Long Names

Companies with long names can have great looking logos too!

In the last few years there has been a shift toward minimalism in design, but when you are a company with a long name, the minimalist style is not always possible! Logo design for companies with long names can be challenging, yes, but not necessarily difficult. We’ve had many clients come to Kyle Loranger Design with business names that are lengthy whether it’s one long word, or many words and elements that must be included in the logo. Sure, there is always the worry that the final logo will end up looking cluttered or too busy. Rest assured,  it’s definitely possible to create a great looking logo even if your company has a long name.

How to design logos for companies with long names?

To solve the problem we start with proper font choices. Nothing too ornate or busy is essential! Then we make sure to use colour breaks and line breaks in the layout of the words. Spacing is key! We create and place graphics and symbols that help the eye flow with the words. Finally, we make sure all of the elements tie together in a layout that looks clean and professional.  There is definitely an art AND strategy to designing great looking logos for companies with long names! Here are 10 well-designed logos that we’ve created here at Kyle Loranger Design for our clients in Edmonton, Alberta and across Canada.

Get some inspiration and check out more logos we’ve designed for our clients.

We are also loving these 25 examples of logos for companies with long names. 

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