Small Business Website Design

We are an Edmonton web design company helping small independent businesses stand-out online

Every Edmonton business needs a website, whether you are just starting out, or have been in business for 30 years. Your website is your digital storefront, often an early point of contact from you to your customer.

Kyle Loranger Design, is a web design company that helps businesses  get ranked on Google, attract the right traffic and drive sales leads. We work with all kinds of companies in Edmonton and area, throughout Alberta and across Canada. 

Kyle Loranger Design’s team of web designers can help you get your starter site up and running, or can assess the state of your current legacy website and create a plan for how to move forward.

Our websites are built to engage customers, tell your brand story and be easy to manage and maintain. 

Starter one page sites

You may not be ready for a full website, but getting even a one page website up and running can be a place to get your basic message out there when customers coming looking for you. It can have some basic information about what you provide, a contact form, a map to your location and business hours. You can always add more content later as you have more to say.

Website writing for small business

Not everyone can conjure a thousand words about themselves and their services while running their day to day. This is why at KLD we now offer website writing services. We’ll start with planning your site and determining how many pages you need. Then we’ll create content that will engage customers, and get you found for the search terms customers are using to find your products and services.

Website design and WordPress development

The modern website building tools we use make designing a custom responsive site much easier that ever before. We can bust out of old boxy website designs with web layouts that vary from page to page, engaging headlines, and calls to action that invite your customer to interact.

Not only will the custom design match your brand but it will help build your business’ credibility and drive new leads.

Website domain and hosting

We can provide the digital services you need to get your business up and running quickly, and the support to keep it running. We can register your domain ( and have your website hosted on our preferred fast and secure web host, Lightningbase.

Getting your business found on Google

Every business wants to get found on Google. There is nothing better than when a customer seeks out your service, and you get a call from an enthusiastic, ready-to-buy customer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services

SEO starts with researching what your customer is searching for and then build content around those terms to ensure Google thinks your content is worthwhile and sends users to your site. Its not a fast process, but it does pay off in your site getting found by more customers seeking our your specific services.

KLD provides ongoing SEO services such as keyword research, keyword rank monitoring, content writing to help build your website credibility, and get you found by your customers.

Taking Payments and Ecommerce

Taking Invoice Payments Online

Your customers can pay you in many ways, but a very convenient way is for them to pay you through your website with a credit card. Even if you only sell services, we can set up a secure form to take credit card information so your customers can pay by invoice.

Ecommerce Product Website

If you are selling a real or virtual product online, Kyle Loranger Design can build you a secure online store.There are many moving parts to an ecommerce store, such as where to get product images and descriptions, how to handle shipping, and how to easily update your product database. We can help you navigate through all the critical decisions to make your store a success.Even if you don’t want to sell online, having a product database and shopping cart is a great way to show what you have. We can make it so customers can fill a basket, and then send you a request for quote for those specific items.

Small Business Website Features to Connect You to Your Customer

Contact Form

For business to business companies, this is one of the most useful ways for a client to reach out to you, and tell a little bit about themselves and their situation before you contact them. Contact form submissions can also be automatically added to mailing lists, and routed to the right person for follow up.

Social Feeds

We can include feeds from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to help tell your customers your feeds are active and worth following.

Chat Windows

If you have staff on regular hours, you can maintain a chat window on the site where customers can start a conversation right away.

Newsletter Sign Up

Adding a newsletter sign up to collect names on a service like MailChimp is a great way to grow your mailing list.

Show your business is genuine, and loved by your customers

As a service business, such as offering consulting or performing some kind of valuable service, potential customers are looking to see you are genuine.

Testimonials to prove how good you are

Client statements about the kind of work you do is an excellent way to establish your track record and build credibility. Even if you can’t always give the full name of the person giving the testimonial (for some industries this is hard to do), the ‘ring of truth’ should come out in what is being said. They can be posted to your site in a slider, all grouped on a page, or distributed throughout your site.

Google reviews on your website

Customers can post reviews to Google – and we can show those reviews on your website. (Have a bad review? You can’t delete it, but you can reply to it.)