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Website Design for Small Business

Kyle Loranger Design is an Edmonton website design company who designs and builds websites for small business, non-profits, and more. We can help you write and plan your website, create a custom design, and then optimize your website for search engines.

Your website is a critical piece of your business infrastructure. We help our clients make sure their sites are running well, look good, and connect with their customers.

We do all of our website development work in-house by people you can meet and talk to.

Custom web design and development by Edmonton designers

We keep our design and development in-house to give us maximum control over the sites we build. We built it, which means we know how to change it. No waiting for the 3rd party programmer to get back to us to make a text edit. 

Need a feature? We find a way

Often our clients have very specific needs – and we work with them to figure out software solutions that work. Whether that is an ecommerce solution or online courses – we can develop a solution tailored for your situation and budget.

WordPress web developer experts 

WordPress is our #1 choice for building websites. Its free software that gives us (and you) a suite of tools to easily edit and manage the content on your site. It also gives huge flexibility in your site design and functions – from custom designs to adding on plug-ins for ecommerce. 

We also provide secure WordPress website hosting to our clients. By managing the hosting, we can help ensure the security and speed of your site. 

Where does your website rank on Google? 

If you type in one of your search terms into Google, does your website show up high in the rankings? Wouldn’t it be nice to know where your site ranks for those key terms, and see those results over time? Are you #2 or #202? Knowing this information gives you critical insight on your website, and what SEO steps to take next. We can set up trackings on your website so you can get regular reports on your ranking progress. 

Edmonton Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Is getting found on Google important to you? If you are in a business selling goods and services, then it most definitely is. SEO is the process of identifying the search terms customers will use to find you, and then creating pages and good content on your site to be the best page for Google to show. 

We run ongoing SEO campaigns to monitor where your site is ranking, what kind of traffic its getting, and then make edits and changes to the website to get you more sales.

When its done, we can turn the keys over to you. 

We want you to have control over your site. When the project is complete, we can train you and your team on how to make edits on the site, including changing layouts, images and menus. 

Do you have an existing WordPress website? Lets do a review and see where you stand.  

By having KLD review your website, we can see where you stand and offer options on what to do next. Reviewing a site costs $130. We will: 
  • Review WordPress version and plug ins – update and test if needed.
  • Mobile review – see how the site is seen on mobile device and tablets. 
  • Review analytics – where is your traffic coming from, what search terms you being found for.
  • Make a list of recommendations for next steps (if any) 

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