Website Design Edmonton

Custom website design for small business, non-profits and large corporations

If you are looking for website design in Edmonton, we are here to help! Kyle Loranger Design has over 25 years of experience designing custom websites for all types of businesses. Our websites are clean, functional, modern and responsive using the latest WordPress technology.

We provide start-to-finish website design and ongoing maintenance and management. You can be assured that the website we design for you is an extension of your brand, is built to generate leads, educate your audiences and grow your business online. Whether you need a simple or complex website, we can handle all of your needs. Check out our portfolio to see all of our latest work!

Web Design Edmonton: From Starter One Page Websites to Corporate Websites

One Page Starter Websites

When starting out, you just need a basic web presence so when people search for your company, they find you, and a professional page about what you offer. We can design and build a one page site to get you up and running quickly, and then add on more pages and features later.

Not for Profit Websites

Your donors and stakeholders want to see that you are stewarding resources well, and that includes a website with up to date information. We can help you redesign your existing site, and train your team so they can make day to day edits without needing outside 

5 to 10 Page Business Websites

When you have specific services you want to be found for, its a good idea to build pages targetted especially for those services. We can help you write and design those pages to make your offering clear, and attract new business.

Corporate Websites

If you are a larger company, you will have multiple services and offerings and need a design system to work over a large number of pages and content types. We can help you plan a sensible site structure and work with your communications and marketing teams to build a new site to meet your goals. 

We provide SEO and Digital Marketing services so your website gets found!

If you type in one of your search terms into Google, does your website show up high in the rankings? Wouldn’t it be nice to know where your site ranks for those key terms, and see those results over time? 

Are you #2 or #202? Knowing this information gives you critical insight on your website, and what SEO steps to take next. We can set up tracking on your website and provide regular reports on your ranking progress. Also, we can figure out what your audience is searching for and tailor your content to make sure your website is getting found. Our ongoing SEO campaigns can be run to monitor where your site is ranking, what kind of traffic its getting, and then make edits and changes to the website to get you more sales.

Why choose Kyle Loranger Design for website design?

You receive custom website design by experienced Edmonton designers.

We do all of our website development work in-house by people you can meet and talk to. That gives us maximum control over the websites we build. If we build it, this means we know how to change it and can provide you timely service as your business evolves. No waiting for the 3rd party programmer to get back to us to make a text edit. 

We are experts in designing WordPress websites.

WordPress is our #1 choice for building websites. Its free software that gives us (and you) a suite of tools to easily edit and manage the content on your site. It also gives huge flexibility in your site design and functions – from custom designs to adding on plug-ins for ecommerce. We also provide secure WordPress website hosting to our clients. By managing the hosting, we ensure the security and speed of your site.   

Need a feature? We find a way!

Often our clients have very specific needs – and we work with them to figure out software solutions that work. Whether that is an ecommerce solution or online courses, we can develop a solution tailored for your situation and budget.

We provide website training so you can manage your site in-house.

When your website design is done, we can turn the keys over to you if you choose! We want you to have control over your site. When the project is complete, we can train you and your team on how to make edits on the site, including changing layouts, images and menus.