WordPress Website Hosting

What WordPress hosting service do you recommend?

Our preferred host is lightningbase.com. They are WordPress specialists, and provide a secure environment for hosting, and excellent service too. Many of our clients are housed there, and with great success. We prefer Lightningbase for the following reasons:

  • Fast, WordPress optimized servers.
  • Excellent security. We have over 70 WordPress sites hosted on Lightningbase. Since we started hosting with them in 2014, we have not had a site hacked on LightningBase to date.
  • Automatic Backups. By default, full backups are taken weekly and database backups taken daily – and all are sent offsite.
  • Excellent service. Their team is very responsive and regularly replies in less than an hour.
  • SSL is included in hosting plans. This gives your users the assurance any information they give you is secure. This will also prevent any security warnings coming up in browsers. Google is ranking sites with SSL higher vs. ones who don’t.
  • Lightningbase gives us at KLD the access we need to make software updates and changes to your account (not all web hosts do this, which can cause time-consuming issues later on).
  • Lightningbase servers are located in the United States.

Lightningbase works hard to keep sites safe:

  • At the server edge they deploy a dynamic firewall, automatically updated based upon detected threats
  • A webapp firewall is updated daily to actively block malicious access attempts, and includes a variety of WordPress-specific rules
  • Virus/exploit scanning is run on any changed file, with automatic quarantining and proactive responses to compromised accounts
  • Virtual containers separate customers and hide the real root filesystem from user accounts
  • Various WordPress-specific security actions are taken, such as brute-force mitigation, automatic TimThumb updating, basic comment-spam protection, and more, updated as new WordPress exploits emerge.