How much does a small business website cost? 

We estimate designing and developing a custom WordPress website based on how much time it will take to build. 

Starter Website

For small one person companies
$ $2000-$3500
  • Custom design to match your brand
  • Looks good on tablets and phones
  • Fast, Secure Hosting
  • About 10 pages

Business Website

For established companies
$ $3500-$7500
  • Big Visuals on Key Pages
  • Blog, news, events, galleries
  • Sales funnels
  • About 10 - 30 pages

What should I expect from my small business website?  

When you build a website for your local business, you are creating a public face for your services and products. Its the one place you have complete control over how you want to present to your clients / customers. 

You can expect your customers to  find out more about your business, what you offer and judge whether you are a fit for them.  

Companies both large and small have trusted Kyle Loranger Design with their small business web design and development. 

From the City of Edmonton’s Women’s Initiative, to Valard Geomatics, to the Alberta College of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists. KLD has delivered modern, responsive websites to meet each organizations’ goals.

Detailed budgets.

There are many moving parts of a website project. By working closely with you we can ensure time is well spent and you get the web features you need.

We do all of our work in house.

We write, design and build our sites ourselves with no sub-contractors. This means we know what we build inside and out and can give you real advice as projects proceed.

We’re designers first.

We’ve all trained as graphic designers first, then added web skills. This means we build from a perspective of creating effective communication, and solid marketing results.

A manageable site, that is fun to edit!

Yes we actually mean that. New tools have come along that make editing your WordPress website much more intuitive than it used to be. This means we can give you more value for your design budgets, and you can make more substantial edits if you choose to.

Sales funnels to keep the navigation clear.

We will organize and build your site so users know exactly where to go, and get to your key action points. You don’t want to let your users wander, lose interest and leave. We want them to find you, confirm they have found the right company who can solve their pain point, and reach out to contact you.

Targeting your website to your customer.

What service do you offer and who do you offer it to? Getting to a specific position and committing to it is critical for getting your site found online. One of the most valuable services we offer, is helping our clients focus their pitch to help their site get found.

How do you build small business websites?

1) Site planning and structure

We will create a clear sales funnel in the site to direct users to your key action points. We will also plan the site navigation, and how many pages are actually needed to be built.

2) Site visual design

To help narrow down design options, we will review with you other similar industry sites. With your feedback KLD will develop concepts for a modern, custom design that reflect the current brand standards for you. With revisions, we will finalize a design. Our site design can feature:

  • A responsive design that will adapt for different screen sizes
  • A ‘sticky’ menu, which stays on screen even as the site scrolls up
  • Key section pages will be very visual, with large headlines and images
  • Other features as required

3) Site Development

With an approved design, we will set up a test site on our development server, code the template pages required and walk you through a draft version of the site.

4) Site formatting and features

KLD can format and design all the content pages of the site. We will review pages with the project team, make revisions and get approvals.

5) Site browser testing and launch

The site will be tested in modern browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox) and on common tablets (iPad) and phones (iPhone) and any tweaks required to keep the site looking good will be done. We use a service called Browserstack to view the site on different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, etc) and browsers.

With your approval, the site will be deployed on the live server, and the domain will be re-routed to point to the new server. Once made live, we will install Google Analytics and Search Console Tools, and add you to these accounts for you to review site traffic whenever you like. We will also test and make adjustments to maximize site speed.

Why do you use WordPress as you content management platform? 

After years of trying various content management systems, we settled on WordPress because it gave the most flexibility and best user experience for our clients.

  • More than 25% of the world’s websites are run on WordPress, and that number is rising.
  • There are so many ways to add on new features and capabilities with plug-ins.
  • Sites can be moved to different servers if ever needed.

What WordPress hosting service do you recommend?

Not all website hosting is the same. If you are open to options, our preferred host is They are WordPress specialists, and provide a secure environment for hosting, and excellent service too. Many of our clients are housed there, and with great success. We prefer Lightningbase for the following reasons:

  • Fast, WordPress optimized servers.
  • Excellent security. We have over 30 WordPress sites hosted on LB. Since we started hosting with them in 2014, we have not had a site hacked on LightningBase to date.
  • Automatic Backups. By default, full backups are taken weekly and database backups taken daily – and all are sent offsite.
  • Excellent service. Their team is very responsive and regularly replies in less than an hour.
  • SSL is included in hosting plans. This gives your users the assurance any information they give you is secure. This will also prevent any security warnings coming up in browsers. Google is ranking sites with SSL higher vs. ones who don’t.
  • Lightningbase gives us at KLD the access we need to make software updates and changes to your account (not all web hosts do this, which can cause time-consuming issues later on).
  • Lightningbase servers are located in the United States.

Lightningbase works hard to keep sites safe:

  • At the server edge they deploy a dynamic firewall, automatically updated based upon detected threats
  • A webapp firewall is updated daily to actively block malicious access attempts, and includes a variety of WordPress-specific rules
  • Virus/exploit scanning is run on any changed file, with automatic quarantining and proactive responses to compromised accounts
  • Virtual containers separate customers and hide the real root filesystem from user accounts
  • Various WordPress-specific security actions are taken, such as brute-force mitigation, automatic TimThumb updating, basic comment-spam protection, and more, updated as new WordPress exploits emerge.
Their technical understanding of things like content management systems and of how to create a website that is both easily maintainable by the end user and optimized for search engines went a long way towards the success of our project. We were especially pleased that the project was completed quickly and on budget.
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