Event Branding and Graphics

Graphic Design for Event Branding, Conferences and Trade Shows

Kyle Loranger Design provides full service event branding that will impress your guests and create an impact. Based in Edmonton, we develop event logos and event marketing materials for businesses in Alberta and across Canada. We provide event graphic design for conferences, trade shows, seminars, festivals, fundraisers and more. 

We help businesses develop event branding starting with a logo and carrying it throughout the overall event theme with compelling graphics and professional design.  Consistent event branding and graphics are the key to harnessing the power of memorable experiences for event guests. Talk to us today about developing a creative event marketing theme for your upcoming gathering.

What is event branding?

Event branding is a unique look and feel for your event. It is separate from your organization’s brand. Elements from your event branding should definitely be cohesive with your business brand, but the event graphics should have a look of their own. Event branding starts with designing a custom event logo or wordmark and then carries through to all of the other visual elements.

What do I need for my event graphics?

Events, no matter the size, require many graphic design elements. Here is a checklist of design materials that your event will likely need.

  • Custom event logo
  • Website
  • Invitation
  • Letterhead
  • Print ads
  • Digital ads and graphics
  • Social media artwork
  • Programs
  • Signage
  • Display
  • Event app
  • Swag

Graphic Design for Events and Conferences

Understand your target audience.

Before we begin designing your custom event logo, we sit down with you to understand who your audience is. We want to make sure we design a logo that is relevant to who you want to reach.

Understand your event theme and content.

It is important to have a theme in mind before designing your event logo and graphics. For example, if your event content and theme focuses on the future of technology, the event logo needs to convey this visually.

Include the date and location in your logo.

It will help with marketing your event if you include the year or date and location alongside the logo, creating a sense of urgency.

Keep it simple.

Events usually occur on an annual basis, or can even be a one-time occurrence. We recommend keeping your custom logo simple enough that it can be easily incorporated into the many graphical elements you will be using throughout your event marketing materials.

Have fun with it!

Events are usually designed to be fun and inspiring for attendees, and your logo should reflect this. If your logo doesn’t look exciting or inspiring, people will be less compelled to attend.

Event Graphics
'The Times They Are A-Changin' Theme for FCSSA 2018 Conference.
The Power of Inclusive Communities Conference logo 2017
Rheanna Bowl Fundraising Logo - Annual Event
Gateway Toyota Event Invite
Rise Awards Invitation
Pilgrim's Hospice Fundraising Gala