Edmonton Logo Design

Edmonton Logo Design

You are starting a new enterprise and you are looking for an Edmonton logo design company. You need a logo, website and promotional materials to make a great impression on your new customer and make your first sales. KLD can create a solid brand, build a website around it, and arm you with print materials so you can make the right impression, and start the revenue coming in.

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At KLD we have designed hundreds of logos for Edmonton companies over our 20+ year history. From large industrial clients like SMS Equipment, to restaurants like Cured Charcuterie, to institutions like the Eye Institute of Alberta at the Royal Alex Hospital, we have delivered brand identities that are built upon and last for years.
All of our logo design work is custom. We invest our time developing design solutions exactly for your company and situation. We meet with you to get to know your needs and consult on your marketing strategy, we research logos in your industry space, we develop concepts and we revise until we get not just a good logo, but the right one you can build your brand on.

How do you design a logo?

When we design a logo, we start by researching similar companies, or similar logo themes and show them to you to review. This way we can get a good sense of your preferences before we start. When we start our creative work we develop logos in the main themes we discussed in our initial meeting. When we review the work, we discuss which logo best communicates what is important about your organization, and narrow down options. With a couple rounds of revisions, we usually get to a final approved mark.
When the logo is complete, we deliver it to you in standard electronic formats (EPS, JPG, PNG) and we can design the print pieces, digital templates, and website to get your business launched.
Let us know if you would like to meet, or a call, to discuss further. 780-413-9237.