Do you know where you rank on Google?

Do you know where you rank on Google? Like…exactly where? It may be lower than you think! Where you appear in search rankings has a huge effect on the click-throughs and traffic you get. #1 gets a ton of traffic, with the number of clicks rapidly dropping off by the time you get to #5. […]

What is a mobile friendly website and how does it affect you?

mobile friendly website

Is your website mobile friendly? We know how it goes…your website has been up and running for a while and business (and life) has been keeping you super busy. Looking back, designing your website was a time-consuming project and when it finally got launched it probably felt like a huge relief! Often, for many of […]

Our Favourite Design Trends of 2018…So Far

As usual, in the world of graphic design, trends are changing at lightning speed. It’s early in the year, but we’re already seeing some cool design trends that look like they’re here to stay…for a little while anyway. Here are some of our favourite graphic design trends for 2018 so far. Gradients Gradients, or color transitions, […]

Website Design: Get it Right the First Time

Website Design

There’s an old saying that a cheap man (or woman!) has to pay for everything twice. This is especially true in the world of website design. That’s because choosing the wrong website design company the first time around can setback your business in a number of different ways. Whether it’s choosing a DIY website template […]

4 Reasons Why Our Websites are Better in 2018

Websites 2018

I’ve worked in the graphic and website design industry for over two-decades (yes, I’ve witnessed the dark ages of web design) and it’s not surprising to see the tremendous amount of innovation in the tools we use to create today. Thankfully, technology has made it much easier to design a great looking and highly functional website that […]

When Is It Time To Update Your Logo?


It’s amazing how much a business is perceived by its logo. Here is proof for you. We have worked with hundreds of logo clients and we often do an exercise with them when we first start a project. We show them a range other logos we’ve gathered up from their industry and then we see […]

4 Things To Check On Your Website

As a small business, we know how it goes. You go through the process to set up your website, the site is launched, and then… you move on to other things. The next thing you know a few years go by and then someone points out your site is looking out of date. Here are 4 easy things […]