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Website writing tips

Website writing tips and content development advice to help you rank on Google and get found by your customers.

The internet includes everywhere and everything in the world. Customers will only find your website when they use very specific keywords and phrases that match content on your web pages.

Fortunately for you, internet users are getting savvier on what terms to use to find the goods and services they are looking for.

Let’s say a customer is shopping for a commercial pizza oven.  If searching ‘Pizza oven commercial price’ they will get a list of prices on a wide variety of pizza ovens from a dozen sites all over the world. If they already know what they are looking for they are likely to be interested in buying. They might search ‘Californo Garzoni Pizza Oven 280 Canada’ and get to a website of a credible Canadian dealer who stocks that particular model. Good chance they would be in the mix when they make a buying decision.

The same specificity applies to services but usually needs a bit more thought. Businesses tend to take general terms and claim them for themselves – assuming customers will know what they’re talking about. They might name a page with the general term of ‘Design’, instead of naming it with a much more useful and searchable title like “Custom Creative Residential Window Design”

Start with keyword research for SEO.

It helps to know what audiences are looking for when searching for your products or services online. SEO keyword research will give you a glimpse of what Google and your audiences are searching for. Once you are aware of the keywords being used, you can incorporate them strategically into your website content. There are many free keyword search tools you can use, or if this is something that sounds tedious we can do it for you!

Get hyper-specific in your website content.

Now that you know what keywords are being searched, does your website have that specific information? For example, words that refer to your location, and not just the general city you are in, should be hyper-specific. Instead of only using terms like ‘Graphic Designer in Edmonton’, you can also target geographic areas like ‘Graphic Design Company in Downtown Edmonton’. Take a look at the critical pages on your site and see if they are named specifically enough. Instead of just ‘Yoga Classes’ use hyper-specific terms such as ‘Hot Yoga Classes Saskatoon’.

We are an Edmonton web designer that can help!

Does talking about writing website content make you glaze over? You don’t have to tackle it on your own. Kyle Loranger Design is a website design company in Edmonton that can help. We can do a website review and make suggestions on how to improve your website content strategy. Contact us today!

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