Claim Your Google Business Listing

Have you claimed and verified your free Google business listing? Or are you wondering what that even means?

Okay, let’s back up a bit. Go to Google right now and type your business name in the search bar. On the right side of the screen, you’ll likely see a listing that includes: business name, photos of your business or products, contact information, website, hours, and reviews.

Claiming ownership and verifying this business listing gives you full control over the information. You’ll be able to make any changes you’d like. Upload your photos, add events and promotions, and interact with people who ask questions or leave reviews about your business.

Why should you care about your Google business listing?

  1. Having a verified Google business listing ensures your business gets found locally. When people search online for specific companies, products or services, those that are listed and verified on Google will be amongst the first they see. If your business isn’t listed, it is highly likely that you won’t show up.
  2. People want information quickly. Many will only look at the Google listing for your hours, products and reviews and won’t take the extra step to visit your website. If your listing is incorrect or not even there, you will be missing out on reaching potential customers!
  3. People can find your location quickly. Being listed on the Google map helps people find your address and general location quickly because it eliminates the step to input your address into navigation manually. Instead, they can click on your location pin and begin the route.

We see many of our Edmonton website design clients that are not aware of the power of Google listings. The Google My Business program which runs Google listings is a marketing tool that is free, easy to use and super helpful at getting found online. It helps you reach people who are searching for your product, service or anything else you want to communicate online. It’s also how you get listed on Google maps. 

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How to set up your Google business listing.

If you don’t see your business listing on Google, you will have to set it up from scratch. Or you may already see it there, but you will have to claim to gain control of the information. Here is a helpful guide from Hubspot that will take you through the straightforward steps to claim your business listing.

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