Our Favourite Design Trends of 2018…So Far

As usual, in the world of graphic design, trends are changing at lightning speed. It’s early in the year, but we’re already seeing some cool design trends that look like they’re here to stay…for a little while anyway. Here are some of our favourite graphic design trends for 2018 so far.


Gradients, or color transitions, were all the rage in the early 2000s and then, around a decade ago, became passé with trends moving toward flat design. In 2016, Instagram redesigned their logo to incorporate bright gradients and we’ve since seen a shift in design with gradients making a huge comeback. Gradients are being incorporated into design everywhere, but with a twist. We are seeing color transitions being combined with flat design elements and bright, vivid color mixing. The combination of all of these design trends has created a modern update to an old look.
               Gradient Logo

Big Type and Serif’s Triumphant Return

We are loving the return of big, bold typeface in print and digital design. The bigger, the better when it comes to headlines and text. Over the last few years, sans-serif typefaces (like Helvetica, Futura, Univers) were super popular, but we’re seeing the decorative fonts making a well-deserved comeback. We’re also super excited to be able to dust-off the ole’ serif fonts because they are making a triumphant return! You’ll notice more serif fonts being used in headlines or being mixed with sans-serif and decorative fonts.

Bold, Daring Color Combinations

Pantone’s Color of the Year is Ultra-Violet so we can expect to see lots of purple shades used in design for 2018. We are also loving the use of bright, bold and daring color combinations continuing into this year’s design palette. The key behind loud color combinations is brands are wanting to stand out from all the noise in the print and digital world. What better to do that then by choosing unconventional color combinations to catch a person’s eye?

Authentic Photography and User Generated Content 

Smartphone users now have state of the art camera technology at their fingertips. They are taking photos and sharing them online and on social media sites such as Instagram. This trend has seen the use of more street-style and lifestyle inspired photography being used in print and digital design. The use of actual user-generated content (photos that were taken by regular, everyday people) in advertising campaigns have become popular. There is a shift away from conventional stock images or expensive photo shoots. Gone are perfectly coiffed models looking into the camera with a product in hand. ‘Raw’, authentic, lifestyle photography will continue to explode in print and digital advertising.
water splash photo
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