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There’s an old saying that a cheap man (or woman!) has to pay for everything twice. This is especially true in the world of website design. That’s because choosing the wrong website design company the first time around can setback your business in a number of different ways. Whether it’s choosing a DIY website template online, or going with an entry-level website designer who gives you an unbelievably low price, here are some of the biggest reasons that it’s important for you to hire your website designer carefully.

The wrong website design makes a poor impression to your current and potential customers.

The first job of your website is to make you look good. If it isn’t accomplishing that, then it could be doing heavy-duty damage to your bottom line without you ever even knowing. Does your website show off your business brand, have visually appealing graphics and quick load times? If not, a user will close your website within the first 5-10 seconds.

Poor user-experience won’t help sales.

A company website is used to promote products and services, share important information, collect leads, make online sales, create loyal customers, and the list goes on. Users should be able to flow through your website with ease. If your website is not planned properly by choosing the right look, creating navigation that makes sense and ensuring key functions are working efficiently, you risk creating a site with poor user experience and loss of sales.

A cheap website design could cost you in search engine optimization and online reach.

Great websites don’t just look good, they are engines of online business growth. In other words, they are easy to find and use. If you spend money on a business website that doesn’t do either, then you aren’t saving cash, you’re really just shorting yourself. Your website designer needs to have a grasp on the latest SEO trends. For example, does your website have quality, in-depth content with specific keywords that communicate your products and services? This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a website that will show up in search engines.

A poor website design needs to be replaced sooner rather than later.

It all comes back to one thing. Going too far to save money now is going to lead you to make a bigger investment later when you have to hire a better web design team to fix the original mistakes, create a new layout, and undo the damage done to your company.

Here at Kyle Loranger Design, we’ve had many clients come to us with a website that they are just not happy with. Slow load times, broken links, poor user experience, difficult navigation, not being found on Google and graphics that do not look good are just some of the complaints we hear. The one common thread? These websites have usually been designed within the past 5 years, meaning the client has to spend the money again to have a complete overhaul done.

It’s tempting, especially in a tough economy, to get creative in saving money on a business website. You can do that but remember if you spend too little now, you’ll probably find yourself spending more of your precious time and money to get it right the second time!

Does this sound like something you are going through?

Let’s talk about your website today! We can walk you through everything that is new and much easier to do in the world of website design and get you back on track with a great looking, highly functional website that will let you focus on other important areas of your business.

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