4 Reasons Why Our Websites are Better in 2018

Websites 2018

I’ve worked in the graphic and website design industry for over two-decades (yes, I’ve witnessed the dark ages of web design) and it’s not surprising to see the tremendous amount of innovation in the tools we use to create today. Thankfully, technology has made it much easier to design a great looking and highly functional website that doesn’t look like it’s from 1997.

This past year especially saw some huge leaps in website design and development. There are so many powerful tools that we use today that make it much simpler to add eye-catching design features and useful functional elements to websites. What used to take tons of time (costing you heaps of money) can now be done quickly and more economically. Websites are now simpler to build and easier to manage. Clients are amazed at how many things we can add to their site without too much fuss. Here are a few of our favourite features that changed the web design game making it much easier to design great looking AND great functioning sites.

1. Powerful editing tools make working on your website much faster, and fun!

WordPress continues to be our platform of choice for its flexibility. Coupled with modern page-builder plug-ins, the user experience is now so much better in 2018. Users are not just entering in content, but they are easily moving it around the page, adding buttons, images, and other features – all while keeping them responsive.

2. Eye-catching effects that don’t slow down load time.

These days it’s much easier to add cinematic video backgrounds or animation to areas within the site due to technology allowing for faster loading times. Click on the Capital Colour website below where you’ll see how background video is incorporated.

Other effects include adding subtle animation to text, photos and graphical elements drawing attention and keep users engaged. Gone are the traditional top and sidebar menu on websites. New ways to navigate will guide users on a clear path of where they need to go to next, including pop-up navigation or interesting typography. Click on the Burke Group website below and you’ll see some of these newer design effects featured.

3. Tools and plug-ins that make your life much easier!

WordPress offers some really fantastic tools that make life easier. From contact forms and appointment booking to email list management and SEO optimizers there are so many things we can easily install that will help you streamline your business.

4. Secure website hosting.

Where your WordPress site is being hosted has never been more important. A WordPress website can be hosted just about anywhere, but having it hosted on a specialized WordPress host (like ours at Lightningbase), dramatically increases the odds of your site staying secure. To date, we have not had any security issues on the 40 plus sites we host at Lightningbase.

If you’re on a non-secure host we would have to install security software, configure it and monitor it. Lots of time-consuming tasks there! At our Lightningbase host, we install and go. They do everything for us, and in a more robust way than we ever could.

Does all of this have you thinking about how you can make your website better?

Here KLD we build powerful, attractive and user-friendly websites for small businesses, large corporations, networks and associations and non-profit organizations. No matter the size of your organization, products you are selling or messages you are sharing, our goal is to make sure your website is designed to work well, look good and attract and retain the audience that will make you successful.

Reach out today and I’ll be happy to show you how much easier it is for us to design a new website or update your current website!


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