Is Your Website NOT Getting Found?

Remember the last time you did a Google search…?  Maybe you were looking for a great restaurant for lunch. You might have started by typing ‘restaurants’ but quickly realized the search results were way too general. You tried again with ‘restaurants downtown edmonton’ but there were still too many choices.
Now you’re really hungry and craving pasta. ‘Pasta restaurants downtown edmonton’. Bingo… 3 main choices come up: Parlour Italian Kitchen and Bar, Sorrentinos, Pazzo Pazzo.
Here’s the thing… like you, your customers have to be very specific when searching online to find the thing they want.

Your customer is searching. Is the term they’re searching for being used on your website?

Now take a look at your website. Does it have very specific content about the products and services you offer? And who you offer them to?
Say you sell doughnuts. Well, Tim Horton’s and Krispy Kreme sell doughnuts too. However, if you sell gourmet, handmade, one-of-a-kind, bacon-infused doughnuts in downtown Edmonton, you need to be sure you include this in your website content. Say that not only are you an Edmonton doughnut shop, but you are a Southside doughnut shop, or a Millwoods doughnut shop. That’s getting specific, and very findable on Google.
And now I want a doughnut. Maybe I’ll just do a quick search….

Here’s a real, in-the-wild example!

Meadowlark Physiotherapy came to us with the challenge that they weren’t being found online and their website wasn’t generating leads.
We recommended redesigning the website and refreshing the content. When rewriting their content, we made sure it was very location specific – instead of ‘Edmonton’ we narrowed down to ‘West Edmonton’.
We also made the site simple to navigate and look good on phones, which is where a significant amount of traffic is coming from. We added an online booking form right on the home page that created an immediate call-to-action for clients to book their appointment quickly and easily.
The new website was economical to redesign and the results were excellent. Meadowlark Physiotherapy soon began ranking very highly on the first page of Google for the term ‘west Edmonton physiotherapy’ and the online appointment form started generating consistent leads.

Stop getting lost in the noise of your competition!

Being more specific with your website content is one key to ranking higher in search engines and being noticed by the customers you want to attract.
Take a look at your website – if what you’re reading is super specific, great! If not, let’s talk about helping your business get found in the crowd.

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