4 Things To Check On Your Website

As a small business, we know how it goes. You go through the process to set up your website, the site is launched, and then… you move on to other things. The next thing you know a few years go by and then someone points out your site is looking out of date. Here are 4 easy things to tell if your site needs some work:

1. How does your site look on your phone? on a tablet?

Does the site adapt and read well on small screen sizes? If not, you should know Google is giving lower rankings to sites with poor mobile experience. More than half of all web traffic today is being seen through a mobile device. Half!

2. Is the content accurate and updated?

Has anything changed in your business over the past few months (or years!)?  Are you offering new services? Has your team changed?  Have you announced any exciting news lately?

3. Does it look tiny on a modern screen?

As devices have gotten more powerful, they are displaying more pixels. An old site might have looked fine at 800 pixels across, but that body type is sure looking tiny on a modern iPad. Tiny = hard to read (and looking very dated).

4. Is it running on HTTPS?

If you see a lock symbol in your browser, this means your site is run on a secure server. Google will start giving lower search rankings to sites without HTTPS starting in October 2017. If you’re hosted with us at Lightningbase, it’s an easy upgrade.
Right now, go take a peek at your website! Everything looking OK? Great. If not, we’re here for you. Let’s get your customers loving your website again.

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